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It is 2154 and there is a planet Called Pandora You grew up hearing about it you always want to go there until it actually happened … The area around our camp is filled with Native population called the Navi they are very hard to kill..They have arrows with a neurotoxin that will kill in 4 minutes... They are outside these borders waiting to kill you and eat you eye for juju bees…I will not succeed with all of you But listen and you will survive...

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 Wes Zimmer (will finish later)

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PostSubject: Wes Zimmer (will finish later)   Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:37 pm

Name: Wes Zimmer

Bio: Wes's super amazing life is too super awsome to be typed here.

Height: tall for a navi, I don't know how tall they usually run...

Personalitiy: Wes is super awsome.

Apperance: like a navi....

Speices: Navi

Age: 18, (and for those of you who can't tell thats adult...technicly....)

Gender: Female

Occupation: Warrior

Attack : 50
Defence : 20
Stanima: 50
Control: 25
Speed: 50
Intelligence: 20
Will: 25
Stleath: 20
Persuasiveness: 15
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Wes Zimmer (will finish later)
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