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It is 2154 and there is a planet Called Pandora You grew up hearing about it you always want to go there until it actually happened … The area around our camp is filled with Native population called the Navi they are very hard to kill..They have arrows with a neurotoxin that will kill in 4 minutes... They are outside these borders waiting to kill you and eat you eye for juju bees…I will not succeed with all of you But listen and you will survive...

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 secta twasa

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PostSubject: secta twasa   Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:29 pm

Name: secta twasa

Bio:all his life hes had to fight of bully's because he is short. but they never realized he would have sudden growth spurt and one day when he was going outside he lashed back at the bully's and they never picked o him again. but he's only 11 years old and he's training as an apprentice with the greatest warrior in the village


Personalitiy:very nice sensitive and understanding but is dilligent but has a bad temper

Apperance:blue with black stripes tall with scars from training so hard

Speices:(Humanoid or Navi or Avatar) navi

Age: (Also mention if you are a kid, teenager, Adult, or Seinor Citizen)11 kid

Gender:(Male or Female)male

Occupation:(If old enough and also thesse are occupations Council, Warriors, or Humanoid Workers)apprentice

STATS : ( For the Navi and The Avatar these are there stats .....Only and I mean Only Three 50's the Rest are 25's and below or ...Four 40's and the rest 30 and above ......)

Attach :25
Defence :40
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Norm Spellman / Tsu'tey

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PostSubject: Re: secta twasa   Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:07 pm

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Jake Sully

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PostSubject: Re: secta twasa   Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:36 am

Approved, my apprentice.
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PostSubject: Re: secta twasa   

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secta twasa
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