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It is 2154 and there is a planet Called Pandora You grew up hearing about it you always want to go there until it actually happened … The area around our camp is filled with Native population called the Navi they are very hard to kill..They have arrows with a neurotoxin that will kill in 4 minutes... They are outside these borders waiting to kill you and eat you eye for juju bees…I will not succeed with all of you But listen and you will survive...

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 A war

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Jake Sully

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PostSubject: A war   Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:19 am

Jake had been invited to the Council meeting tonight. Today they were talking about War, Children, and more space.((I'll post as the other council memebers))


"Ahh Jake Sully I see you have made it." Mo'at said in Native Language.


"Yes mother I have made it." Jake said in English. "What I wanted to talk about is that the Southern Rain has declared War upon us." Then Jake looked at Neytiri.


"If we have war were will we take our children" She said. "We could take them away for a bit but will that help." She said


"We can go to the Southern rains and leave the Children In home tree. And we can leave warriors here to protect them while we are at war" Jake said.
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A war
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